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Uno studio di belle arti sulla moda ESPLORANDO l'intersezione tra sessualità femminile e religione.


Sydney Duncan virgin mary icon embroidery Italian renaissance fashion look.
Feminist Couture avant garde art fashion.
Renaissance fashion modern couture body suit with cape.  Religious fashion.  Hand embroidered virgin mary.
Religious fashion hand beading.
Hand embroidered body suit with Sacred Heart embroidery.
Sexy pink peace silk night gown and bed jacket with handmade rosary.
Ethical couture fashion nightgown.
Ethereal fashion editorial photographed inside church.
Feminist embroidery art on modern lingerie pieces in nude tones.
Hand embroidered fetus garterbelt for feminist art movement.
Hand embroidered female reproductive system on pink couture gown.
Radical feminist art on sheer lingerie pieces for Sydney Duncan avant garde fashion collection.
Italian renaissance fashion pieces shot editorial style at church alter.
Religious fashion garments in pink and nude tones.
Otherworldly and ethereal dress with sheet fabrics and gold wings.
Angel fashion with embroidered chrubs.
Emerging fashion designer wearing sea green gown and halo headpiece between church pews.
Indie fashion designer embroiders spine on dress.
Golden eve embroidered gown.
One off gown with large hand embroidery on feminine sexuality in christianity.
Two models wearing luxury fashion featuring modern religious art details.


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